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Flying is perhaps the easiest way to travel. You get on the plane in one city and within an hour or so (depending upon the destination), you get off the plane in another city. In addition, most airlines offer free snacks, making the trip even more enjoyable.

Each airline has its own specific treat. For example, JetBlue offers blue potato chips, which are crunchy and delicious and United Airlines will treat you with Biscoff cookies. Perhaps one of the most famous and delicious treats, however, are the peanuts offered by Southwest Airlines.

Many people who fly Southwest Airlines do so for the convenience but they also anticipate that bag of delicious peanuts when they are in the air. In 2018, however, the airline decided to discontinue serving peanuts because of the potential for peanut allergies among the passengers. They realize that many passengers would miss the snack, so they did the next best thing. According to Today, they will be selling those peanuts at their online store. It started with a limited offer that sold out quickly but they promise to have them back in stock this fall.


There is a significant difference between the free peanuts that were offered on the plane and what you will find on the website. That difference is $29. Of course, you will get two 10-ounce bags, including one honey-roasted and one lightly salted inside of a tin lunchbox with a retro feel. In other words, it’s not all about overpriced peanuts, it’s about memorabilia.

You will find other items on the website related to peanuts. These include a peanut makeup case, a burping cloth shaped like a peanut, peanut pillows and a peanut power bank.

If you are worried that you might forget to go back and order the peanuts when they are in stock, just click the ‘save for later’ on the page and they’ll notify you when it’s time to spend your $29.

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