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These police officers managed to save Christmas and it is a story that is well worth retelling. This story takes place in Indiana, where the officers were forced to intervene after a real-life Grinch decided to make their presence felt.

The burglary took place on Christmas Eve and we cannot begin to imagine how infuriated these victims were. You have to be truly heartless to do something like this.

Photo: Facebook/South Bend Police Department

Fortunately, the police were able to intervene in a timely manner. “This is what serving our community is all about,” The South Bend Police Department shared on Facebook. The video of their heroism has since gone viral and rightfully so. Onlookers are offering these boys in blue the praise that they deserve.

When the officers got the call, they learned that these children’s presents had been swiped. This left them with nothing for Christmas. The extent that these robbers went to was absolutely ridiculous. “They found out that the house had been burglarized, and in the process, the individual had taken all the gifts and even some food out of their refrigerator,” South Bend Police Department Patrolman Brian Meador shared, according to WNDU. “So, they really left this family with nothing much at all.”

Photo: Facebook/South Bend Police Department

This is something out of the classic Grinch tale and we cannot believe it. “Yep, cleaned them out. Not even the Who-hash or the Roast Beast (was left). It was all taken,” the heartbroken officer continued. The desperate officers decided to enlist the assistance of the South Bend FOP Lodge #36 “Santa’s Elficers” program.

They sprung into action and replaced the family’s stolen gifts with some of the items that they still had on hand. In addition to the gifts that they brought over for the family, they also did their best to replace all of the food that had been stolen.

Photo: Facebook/South Bend Police Department

“Incredibly inspiring! Thank you to the South Bend Department for bringing cheer to this family, and thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas!” said one well wisher who saw the Facebook post.

To the officers, this was just an opportunity to do the right thing. “To see those little girl’s faces when they saw the presents under the tree and started playing with them, that’s why we do what we do,” Officer Meador says, according to the news outlet. “That’s the positive part, and that’s what keeps us going as officers. And so, I hope it’s a memory for them that’ll last a lifetime.”

Happy holidays!