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The Sonic slushes that you know and love are about to get the boozy treatment and people can’t wait. Sonic is collaborating with fellow Oklahoma City residents COOP Ale Works to release hard seltzers inspired by the Sonic slushies!

The flavors include the classic Lemon Berry, Classic Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, and Original Limeade. The true Sonic fans will even have the chance to take home their own variety pack.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Definitely the biggest beverage news this year for Oklahoma. @sonicdrivein and @COOPAleWorks have entered into an agreement that will triple COOP’s production. Sonic is bringing some of their famous flavors to hard seltzer starting May 1,” said 405 Magazine reporter Greg Horton on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter/Greg Horton

COOP Ale Works confirmed the release of the drink, saying, “The rumors are true! We’re partnering with
@sonicdrivein to take hard seltzer to the next level with flavors inspired by our favorite Sonic drinks. Stay tuned for details.”

If we are being honest, the Tropical Variety Pack is where it’s at. Mango, Guava, Ocean Water, Melon Medley, AND Orange Pineapple? This sounds magical.

While the drinks are going to be available as of May 1, Sonic is not going to be selling them in the drive-thru. We are unsure as to where the hard seltzers are going to be sold at the present moment, but hopefully all of the big box retailers will be quick to get on board.

Photo: Twitter/Greg Horton

The spring and summer seasons are right around the corner and there is just something about a hard seltzer when it is hot outside. They provide the perfect mixture of ice-cold refreshment and boozy deliciousness. Now, we can finally stop spiking the Sonic slushes ourselves!

We will be clearing out all of the necessary space in our fridge and pantry because this could be a limited-time-only type of deal!

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