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Fabio Novembre is a designer who has created an amazing sofa for Capellini. It’s one of those pieces of furniture that you are going to have to look at more than once to truly understand it, though. When we first looked at the sofa, it appeared to be totally off balance.

Once you take a closer look at the couch, it is not nearly as off-kilter as it appears to be. When the couch was designed, Fabio strategically used couch cushions that are wedge-shaped to help create an intentional optical illusion. He shared photos of the unique furniture on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Fabio Novembre studio

The sofa was named Adaptation, and Novembre is more than happy to explain his thought process to those who are interested. “Adaptation is a seating system confronted with the uncertainties of our time, with the precariousness of the structures, suggesting that just a little adaptative capacity is needed to continue to live and to smile. History teaches us that those who cannot adapt are doomed to extinction,” he said.

Photo: Facebook/Fabio Novembre studio

You don’t always expect living room furniture to come with such a profound message behind it, but here we are.

We have now realized that our homes are sorely lacking for items that have this level of pizzazz. A couch that looks like it is slanted is the best way to fool your guests and have them wondering if they need to head elsewhere. Best of all, it is an even better way to make sure that the unwanted house guests do not end up lingering for too long.

Photo: Facebook/Fabio Novembre studio

“Sorry, buddy, I’d offer you a place to sit….but as you can see, our couch is not in the best shape right now,” you’ll say. It sure beats doing the fake yawning routine and acting like you’re about to go to bed.

What do you think of this couch design? Let us know!

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