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The Key to Hassle-Free Snow Shoveling Is in Your Kitchen

Snow days might be great for the little ones out there, but for adults? They are an absolute pain in the backside.

Snow Storm
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The snowstorms that make our kids so happy are awful for us. Once the snow falls, we are left to handle the aftermath. We dread having to clear the sidewalks and in some cases, we do not have a choice because we are legally obligated to do so.

We have all experienced the annoyance of having snow accumulate on a shovel when we clear snow away the old-fashioned way, that is for sure. AccuWeather is here to provide a helpful workaround for this problem and we are forever grateful to them for showing us how things are done.

Shovel Snow
Photo: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

For best results, the answer is right there in your kitchen. All you need to do when it is time to get started is grab some cooking spray. Take a moment to coat the shovel in cooking spray once you are ready to shovel and it only gets easier from there. All of that pesky snow accumulation that has been experienced in the past is done, gone and over with.

If the snow does begin to accumulate, that is an easy enough fix. You can simply add another coating of cooking spray and all should be well. If you do not have any cooking spray in your kitchen, there are other options available to us before we start to dig out our cars and sidewalks.

Cooking spray
Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

Petroleum jelly or WD-40 can be utilized in these instances, as they are likely to have the same effect as a cooking spray. No, you cannot eat the snow that is found on these shovels after it has been sprayed down with Pam or the like. We did not think that this needed to be mentioned but we figured we would get out in front of this before the next viral challenge starts to take off.

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