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Everyone loves the sight of fresh winter snow. It’s white, beautiful, and absolutely magical. That is, until you have things to do and places to go. Nothing is more difficult than having to shovel the snow off your driveway or clear a path from your front door to the car. It’s back-breaking work and it definitely defeats the magical illusion of winter.

However, if you live in an area that is prone to snowfall during the winter months, you have probably resigned yourself to your shovel becoming your best friend. But it turns out, there may be an easier way of getting rid of snow. Thanks to Josua Jordon, we now have a hack to clearing your driveway a bit quicker.

Photo: YouTube / Joshua Jordan

The technique is simple enough. Essentially, you begin by creating a snowball roughly as big as a cantaloupe. You continue to crouch and roll the ball down the driveway or pathway until you’ve created a sizable snowball.

Photo: YouTube / Joshua Jordan

This technique utilizes a very easy and very painless approach to scooping up snow and moving it out of the way.

Photo: YouTube / Joshua Jordan

While it might be simpler and less strenuous on your body, it is more time-consuming. However, it could be fun since it’s basically making a giant snowball.

Watch the example in the video below:

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