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Whether you use it for French toast or bread pudding, the ways to get the most out of your bread are nearly endless. While bread may get a bad rep from the health nuts out there, it’s been a staple food in households across the world for generations. And, the uses for bread don’t stop in the kitchen.

Grandma may have told you about this hack awhile ago, but we are here to pass it down to the younger generation. Turns out, bread is one of the most incredible cleaning products that you have never heard of. Read on to learn more…

Image by Security from Pixabay

Bread is one of the best ways to get rid of all of the stains, dirt, and smudges that are hard to remove. It functions as a natural alternative to cleaning erasers and specialty sponges. So, how do you use bread in place of a sponge?

To get started, just grab a loaf of rye bread or white bread. Once you have removed a slice from the loaf, take off the crusts and roll it up into a little ball. Gently dab stubborn smudges and stains with the bread ball and watch the magic unfold.

The secret? Gluten!

The gluten in the bread actually allows the balled up bread to remove smudges and things like pencil marks. This hack won’t work with gluten-free bread.

The best parts about using bread to clean? For starters, it’s a super cheap alternative to Magic Erasers or other similar products. And it’s all-natural, so it’s totally safe for a household with kids or pets. Finally, a soft ball of bread isn’t going to scratch any surfaces while cleaning. The next time you are looking to get the most out of a loaf of bread that is past its expiration date, this is the hack that you need to keep in mind!

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