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In order to wake up on the right side of the bed, we need to make sure that we are getting the correct amount of sleep. While many of us continue to struggle with this concept, there is a popular doctor on TikTok who is looking to help everyone out during these trying times.

With over 4 million followers already, Dr. Karan Raj has been dispensing valuable tips for some time now.

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He loves providing health hacks and other handy bits of health-related trivia. Now, he is here to help us fix our messed-up sleeping patterns. The method that he has to share is known as the “10-3-2-1” and it will change your life. There are four very easy steps that you can take when it comes time to wind down each day.

“Ten hours before bed, no more caffeine,” Dr. Raj says. “This is how long it takes your body to clear it from the bloodstream and eliminate the stimulatory effects.” Of course, there are some of us who are going to have trouble adhering to this. That afternoon coffee is a key component of our day, if we are being totally frank.

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“Three hours before bed avoid big meals, this helps avoid heartburn and interrupted sleep,” Dr. Raj adds. First, he comes for our afternoon coffee, and now he’s coming for our late-night snacks! Oh, the horror. Alcohol is also supposed to be avoided before bedtime because it is known to impair REM sleep.

“Two hours before bed, no work. This helps you get into a relaxed state of mind,” Dr. Raj advises. “One hour before bed, no screens — that means Netflix too. Blue light inhibits melatonin production which delays sleep.”

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That’s the 10-3-2-1 method and it has already been viewed about a million times on TikTok.

Check it out yourself below:


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