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Anyone who is paying too much for their rent is sure to relate to this story. We love to see stories where people are able to decrease their rent significantly and this one is certainly no different.

There are too many people who are forced to take on a massive financial burden when it comes time to pay the rent. For single parents, this burden is extremely tough to carry. That’s what makes this story such a special one.

Photo: YouTube/FLORB

According to FLORB, Michelle “MJ” Boyle handles all of the costs of housing and taking care of her children without any help. As you can imagine, this is a lot for her to deal with. Because she was spending $1,600 per month on rent, it was harder and harder for her to hold onto her savings.

That’s when she came across a solution that served as a major game changer for her. She decided that she would move into a tiny home. This provided her with the savings, independence, and sense of ownership that she was looking for.

Photo: YouTube/FLORB

She handled most of the process on her own but she did have some help from her friends and a few construction workers.

The home has every amenity that you could hope for and is a very modernized dwelling. The living space, bathroom, and kitchen are all far more spacious than the skeptics would suggest. Boyle’s tiny home is astonishing to us because she has managed to slash her biggest monthly bill significantly, without taking a step back from a quality-of-life standpoint.

Photo: YouTube/FLORB

For a parent, this is huge. We might be willing to make sacrifices but the last thing that we want to do is force our kids to do the same. It is our primary objective to provide them with the best life that we possibly can. Instead of spending $1,600 per month, Boyle is now only on the hook for $75.

Her story serves as a helpful tale for anyone who is looking to make changes in their lives and dig their way out of debt.