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We don’t want to speak for everyone, but summertime is a time for eating lots and lots of corn. It is one of our favorite foods and we spend plenty of time preparing it for our families when the weather warms up. However, the process of husking corn can be annoying. Who has the time to spend husking each piece individually? The good old fashioned way works but it is slow going.

That’s why we are here to change the game. Whether you are making grilled corn or corn on the cob, this hack is here to save you a bunch of time this summer. When it comes to cooking to corn, the possibilities are essentially endless. You have never had an easier time removing the silk and husks that keep you from being able to enjoy your corn more quickly.

This tip from Cooking Light lets you remove the only downside associated with these delicious meals! Can you believe that the process can be accomplished in just three short steps? To get started, take your pieces of corn and place them on a plate. Put the plate in the microwave and set it to run for eight minutes. Once the time has elapsed, cut off the tip at the end.

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For best results, slice the tip off at around 1″ below the final row of kernels. From there, take the end that has not been cut yet. Hold each piece of corn, while squeezing and shaking it. The piece of corn should slide right out of the silk and husk without a problem. You might think that we are forgetting a step or two but we promise you great results with this method.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a closer look at the video below. This is your best chance to see this incredible hack in action. Shucking corn has finally been simplified. After all, all you need to get started is a plate and a microwave. Just think of all the time that you are going to save with this handy tutorial!

As soon as you have had the chance to check out this video, take a moment to pass it along to everyone else that you know. Who couldn’t use a hack like this one? No one wants to spend their summer nights husking corn. That’s why you need to spread the love and share away.