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Sex and the City starlet Sarah Jessica Parker is not the type of person who needs to show off her new clothes all of the time. That being said, she definitely has a taste for vintage items.

She loves to show off this decor, as she has picked up a number of awesome pieces over the years.

Photo: flickr/Tina Franklin

She recently took to Instagram to show off three of her favorite vintage pieces. “3 beauties. All old. Used. Pre-owned. I’d like to think at one time someone was as charmed by them as I am,” she wrote.

Photo: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

The first find that she showed off was a vintage screen. In her hilarious words, it “weighs far more [than] her dainty silhouette would suggest.” There’s also an incredible backstory. The screen was “Dragged through the bustle of Clignancourt and the narrow streets of Paris, down the corridors of and through security at Charles de Gaulle airport by one very grumpy @hickey a hundred years ago,” she revealed.

A parsons-style stool was also put on display by Parker, as she showcased its awesome pink, purple, and teal plaid upholstery. This stool “enchanted” her (her words, not ours) and we can see why.

Photo: Instagram/

The last piece that she had to show off may have been our favorite, though. She’s got an embroidered tableau that comes with a Wordsworth quote that is sure to resonate with many readers.

“But to be young was very heaven” reads the tableau. She found this one during a typical Etsy browsing session, but there was only one listed for sale.

Photo: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

She shared in the comments for someone interested in getting one, “There was only one. It was a vintage embroidery from Sweden. A one off! So sorry!!”

What do you think of her vintage finds?

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