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When you think about school teachers, something that often comes to mind is the fact that they are not typically paid what they are worth. When they work for the public school system, they are at the mercy of pay cuts in many cases, but that is not true across the board for those who work with children.

For example, we have this unusual job posting in San Francisco that is offering to pay $100,000 for a nanny.

Photo: flickr/Tom Britt

When the listing showed up on the radar, the offering of anywhere from $100,000-$120,000 gross annual income certainly got the attention of many.

There was only one position open at the time, but the family is also employing two other nannies. It seems as if they want to have all hours of the day covered and they are willing to pay for it.

Photo: Indeed

In order to apply for the job, you would have to fit the description, which is fairly specific. Not only do you need to be skilled, but you also need to be discreet and willing to respect the privacy of the employer. The family also travels about 10 weeks out of the year and has homes in different areas of the country, so a lot of flexibility is required.

The job offer was from a private staffing agency, Louer. It seems as if they were hired to find the perfect nanny for this family. For the right person, it might be a dream job come true, but then again, we aren’t sure of the children that are being looked after with this position.

Photo: Pixabay

Unfortunately, the job description has expired but it will live on forever online. Louer does feature other high-end nanny jobs, like this recent one that pays $100K plus benefits, along with other well-paid jobs.

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