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Since we were little, we dreamed about finding treasure. It seems as if that dream is about to become a reality for someone who has a little bit of adventure in their blood and a desire to go to Utah.

John Maxim and David Cline are bringing a flood of tourists to the Salt Lake City area and they are doing so with a unique catch. You see, they are explorer enthusiasts, and they want other people to share their enthusiasm. In order to do so, they have hidden $10,000 in cash along with some additional “cool stuff” in the Salt Lake City area.

Photo: flickr/Garrett

A poem was shared on social media that provided the first clue of where to find it. As the race unfolds, more clues will become available.

They also shared a photo of the treasure chest and the cash inside.

Photo: Instagram/the.cline.fam

This isn’t the first time that they have done something like this. According to a local Utah news station, a $5000 prize was offered with a similar hidden treasure, giving something fun for people stuck at home to do during the pandemic. It took four days for the games to end.

It seems as if they realized how much they underestimated those who came out the first time, so they are making it harder this time. It is going to be an event that is sure to draw people from one coast to the other to the Salt Lake City area. More than 1000 people have already asked about it.

Unfortunately, there were some issues that went along with the increased tourism in 2020, including a lot of looters and chaos in the area. In order to make things different and harder this time, they’ve upped the difficulty.

Photo: flickr/Atibordee Kongprepan

According to the outlet, Cline said, “it gets pretty wild. And the thing is, everybody thinks by DMing me that I’m going to give them some special clue. We just kind of respond with ‘Nope. Wait for the weekly clues.'”

This project is privately funded, but the popularity may make it possible for them to begin fundraising so that future hunts will take place.

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