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When you go on TikTok, you never quite know what you are going to see. It may be a dance video or perhaps a comedian, but sometimes, you get some advice that is well worth the time.

Recently, one social media trend that has been popular on TikTok is putting some salt in your morning cup of coffee.

Photo: Pexels/samer daboul

As it turns out, this may be more than a passing phase, there may be some substance to the suggestion.

This isn’t the first time that salt has been suggested for your morning cup of coffee. According to Science Alert, researchers pointed out how it can take the bite out of the beverage.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

More recently, Alton Brown and other food experts have also joined the salt bandwagon. According to the Perfect Daily Grind, he would suggest putting some salt in coffee and it even became known as the “Alton Brown Trick.”

If you are just now hearing about this trend, you are far behind coffee drinkers in Taiwan. They regularly consume coffee blended with salt at bakeries and cafes, including some in the United States.

Photo: Pexels/Brigitte Tohm

Beyond taste, there may be another reason to salt your coffee. Dr. Anis Khalaf, an acupuncturist posted a TikTok video, explaining that adding salt is a good idea because ‘coffee may also cause the body to lose sodium.’

TikTok flooded the video with comments, including some that said adding salt before brewing cured “coffee heartburn.” Another said salt helps to bring out the flavor in black coffee.


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Are you going to try putting salt in your coffee?