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I was never a movie theater fanatic, but I did enjoy the semi-frequent trip to the movies to see the latest blockbuster. And of course, you can’t forget about the gloriousness that was a large tub of popcorn that you’d half finish before the previews even began airing. This may sound silly, but I also used to greatly enjoy the previews of other movies that would be coming out. My point is, now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, going to the movies is something that I greatly miss. It’s also something that I realize now I took for granted when it was an option – especially now that I’m stuck rewatching the same three shows on Netflix.

While there are plenty of other people in similar predicaments, the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain is providing movie buffs a little glimmer of hope. The movie theater chain is running a program called “Your Own Private Alamo,” which allows you to enjoy a socially distant trip to the movies with up to 30 friends and family – all by renting your own theater room! The cost is only $150, and the movie theater staff will even assist you in decorating the theater to make it feel extra cozy. There is a wide selection of movies that you can choose from – all from black and white classics such as “Casablanca,” to more family-orientated movies like “Uncle Buck.” And it gets better in that: there is food available as well. You can get burgers, pizzas, and popcorn delivered straight to your seat. There’s even beer available too!

The theater announced the new set up with a tweet:

Similar to other movie theater chains, the Alamo Drafthouse reopened selected locations on the 21st of August. There are around 50 Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide, and the ones that are participating in this movie theater rental program are Slaughter Lane in Austin, Texas, as well as Sloans Lake in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking to rent a theater for the whole family, then you can go through the simple process of logging onto the Alamo Drafthouse website and picking the next available date within a 3-14 day window in order to complete your reservation. Once done, you’ll receive an email link to a private ticketing page and this can be forwarded to all the people who you want joining you in the experience.

The link will allow all the attendees to buy tickets – as well as pick the seats that they want – and order their food and drinks. Everyone in the attendee group will also receive the theater number as well, so they can just turn up to the movie like normal. The doors are open 15 minutes prior to the movie starting.

But you should be aware that the $150 reservation fee is separate from the actual cost of the movie tickets – those you have to buy separate and for the general admission prices. There is also a minimum food purchase of $150 – and this doesn’t include tax and tip either.

As for the new requirements surrounding masks and other protective gear, face coverings are mandatory for the public spaces of the theater such as lobbies, bathrooms, and hallways. But when you’re in the actual theater itself it is entirely up to you whether or not you wear your mask.

Given the current situation that we’re in, these private screenings or drive-in theaters might just become the way of the future. What do you think about renting out a private theater for your family and friends?