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Game-changing life hacks should be awarded prizes. We are truly grateful to the folks who provide us with these hacks because we do not know what we would do without them. And The man in this video is a true hero for providing us with a life-changing hack.

Anyone who owns a vehicle of their own has probably wondered how to remove the small dents that happen. Despite taking the best care of your vehicle, life happens and little dents do occur. Thankfully, this man shares a hack he uses to remove small dents from cars and trucks and it’s a game-changer. To get started, the man borrowed a hairdryer from his wife.

Then, he used it to heat up the vehicle. Why does the vehicle need to be heated up, though? The answer is a very simple one: Once the dent has been heated up, the process of removing it becomes even easier!

Next, he used an air duster. Don’t worry if you don’t have one handy, you can head to the local office supply store and grab some for a very low price.

Photo: YouTube /
Mike Cochran

You have to turn the can upside down to get the best results, just so we are totally clear. If the air that is blowing out of the can is super cold, this means that you are in business. So why are the heat and cold being combined in such a manner? The hairdryer allows the dent to expand and the cold that the canned air provides the necessary concentration.

Combing these two allows the dent to pop right out, in a perfect world. Our absolute favorite part of the video is the man’s triumphant shout.

We are going to provide one last note before we get out of here and allow you to check out the video. Do not use this hack for any dents that are tricky or complicated. Contact the professionals when you are ready to get started on those. And wider, more shallow dents need to be handled with a plunger. Don’t worry about the neighbors or what they are going to think about your tactics.

If you would like to learn more about this hack and how it can be used to assist you during your dent related struggles, this is your chance. Check out the video and be sure to pass it along!