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Reddi-wip and Swiss Miss may not seem like the most obvious combination to most of our readers but we are here to dispel that notion once and for all.

Once you bring these two items together, you will be able to enjoy some of the most delicious whipped cream that the holiday season has to offer. The two brands from Conagra Brands are coming together in a very special way!

Photo: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Not a moment too soon, either. We cannot wait to get a taste of this flavor combination. The concoction that they have come up with is known as Hot Cocoa Flavored Whipped Topping. If we had to guess, we are going to be using this a fair amount over the course of the holiday season. The possibilities are absolutely endless, as you can tell. There are no shortage of items to put the topping on.

Your cakes and pies have never been this delicious before, we promise you. The dairy topping is also gluten-free, in case there are any concerns in that regard. These guys have thought of everything. Of course, the topping can be placed on your desserts but there are also other options that you may not have considered at the moment. That’s understandable enough.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We know that we are definitely going to be putting the whipped topping on our mugs of hot cocoa this year. In fact, we can hardly think of a better way to use it. If you are looking to enjoy a decadent beverage come wintertime, you are in luck. The Reddi-wip Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Whipped Topping is going to be available at both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club

At Wal-Mart, single 15-ounce cans will be made available for $3.98 or if you would like to head to Sam’s Club, they are going to be carrying a 2 pack of 15-ounce cans for $5.98. These are awesome deals that we are going to be jumping on as soon as possible.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As you would have expected, supplies of these items are expected to be rather limited. Walmart’s shelves are going to be filled with the offering by the time that mid-November rolls around (as long as supplies last). Meanwhile, Sam’s Club has already rolled out the whipped topping now. They are expected to carry the item until early December.

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