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We love art and we love food, so this story serves as a picture-perfect intersection of those interests.

If you would like to see these types of works for yourself, the @rachelrylelife Instagram page is a great follow.

Now, she is taking her artistic skills to a new food medium and we are loving every second of it. Sourdough bread wouldn’t seem like the most obvious medium for most of us but that is how you know that you are in the presence of true genius.

They are able to envision targets that no one else can see. So, how does she go about creating these works of art?

The bread is painted by hand and it is scored before she places it in the oven. Once the finished product is completed, the results are tremendous. The beautiful designs that are revealed are sure to take your breath away.

Rachel was sure to share the end result on her Twitter page and of course, the whole site started going crazy over what she had accomplished.

“A pretty pair of poppy inspired & plant based painted loaves! I’m happy to have experimented with plant based painting, but secretly bummed that most of the colors burned away. I’ll definitely keep experimenting to find an organic option for painting my sourdough!” Ryle tweeted. The pictures that accompanied the tweet are a sight for sore eyes as well.

We cannot peel our peepers away from them. She also shared the concoction that she came up for Super Bowl Sunday and we are in absolute awe at what we are seeing. “Sharing my super bake for Super Bowl Sunday! Switched it up by scoring my sourdough with black cocoa instead of white flour! Loving the dark & defined look of this bake!” she posted.

What do you think of the items that she is whipping up?