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We’re going to keep it real with you right now, we consider ourselves to be some serious hot sauce connoisseurs.

Of course, different people have different opinions about what the best hot sauce looks like, but have you ever wondered what the favorite is across your state or even the country?

Photo: CANVA is here to help and they just may prove some of your most common theories about this topic wrong.

While you might think that the most popular hot sauce would devolve into a regional war, the country is more in agreement than we would have originally expected. As it turns, the USA agrees on one thing: Cholula is the best hot sauce.

Photo: flickr/Happy Summer Solstice!

This hot sauce serves as the chosen favorite for 40 out of 50 states! The people have spoken and they want Cholula. We can’t lie, this is our favorite hot sauce, too.

So, which states are the ones that dared to be different? Of course, Texas and California had to go against the grain. Texans would rather have El Yucateco hot sauce over anything else, and Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi favor Crystal hot sauce.

Photo: flickr/Alpha

Arkansas, New Mexico, and Indiana are fans of The Rapture, while California lives in a world of its own and prefers El Chilerito Chamoy.

Check out the map below to see for yourself: