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Have you ever watched a movie so many times that you feel like you could recite every line from the beginning to the end? I think that many of us probably feel that way, especially when it comes to Christmas movies.

These are the movies that tend to find their way into our homes each and every year and we can’t help but watch them, even if we’ve seen them 100 times before. That includes a rather interesting Christmas movie that is now being looked at more carefully, thanks to a TikTok video.

Photo: Flickr/7th Street Theatre Hoquiam, WA License: CC BY 2.0

This isn’t the first time that somebody posted a video on TikTok or another social media platform that blew the whistle on something unusual in a movie. It happened recently with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but now it is The Polar Express that’s under scrutiny, a Christmas movie from 2004.

Tom Hanks stars in this movie, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. It’s also a rather unusual movie because real people acted out the scenes but then they used live action and motion capture CGI to actually display the film.

Photo: TikTok/@under.the.spell

Much of the animation takes place after the production of the movie occurs. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, as you can well imagine, and there are going to be times when something is missed.

When something unusual was spotted, it was pointed out by a TikTok enthusiast. They were watching the movie with their roommate when something didn’t quite look right.

Photo: TikTok/@under.the.spell

According to the video, she was casually watching the Polar Express with her roommate when she saw something she wasn’t expecting. It happened during the parade scene in the film when you can see one of Santa’s elves running by but he didn’t have any legs!

The caption said: “The things that ya notice, I’m dying.”


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After being posted, more than 16 million people came to watch the video and many commented on it. Some of them were saying that the animation scene frightened them but others thought that it was just an interesting part of the movie that made it even more important to their Christmas tradition.