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Us millennials have seen a lot of changes through the years, mostly in relation to technology. Our childhoods look way different to the childhoods of today, where technology has a far greater presence than before.

Many of us probably can look back fondly on some memories of playing with classic items like Polly Pockets, Tamagotchis, Furbies, and many other toys. Of course, who can forget the Pokémon trading card craze? Those were some good times spent at recess.

Photo: Max Pixel

If you’re feeling nostalgic, then you might get excited to know that Oreo is coming out with a very tasty collaboration that involves Pokémon trading cards. The limited-edition packs follow the joys of collecting all the Pokémon cards – but at least these, you can eat.

The Pokémon card Oreos all feature imprints of the iconic monsters such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. The best part though, is the fact that the cookies are the classic Oreo cookies.

Photo: OREO Cookies

Very much like the more rare Pokémon, some of the Oreo cookies can be a little harder to locate than others. If you are excited to get in on the collection, then you should know that there are 16 different Pokémon designs that can be collected. However, each Pokémon pack comes with a random assortment of two Pokémon cookie designs.

This new collaboration will be run sort of like a Pokémon Go kind of campaign, However, it should be noted that there will be a very rare pack out there that contains the very elusive Mew.

Photo: OREO Cookies

Of course, if you are dead set on collecting them all, you can get a head start by preordering the Pokémon Oreos right on the cookie’s website.

If you don’t pre-order them, you can always collect the limited-edition cookies from retailers across the US as of September 13th.

Check out the video below:

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