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If you need any additional inspiration to let your creative juices flow, this college student is here to provide it.

The project that they took on is an amazing one. Their recycling skills are certainly on point. They managed to take a play kitchen that once belonged to some children and turn it into something else entirely.

Photo: TikTok/@lbennyy

Lauren Bennett (who goes by @lbennyy) has turned the kitchen into a drink cart, where she and her roommates can be served on a regular basis.

The video has been viewed nearly 3 million times already, for good reason. We love to see kids coming up with clever ideas like this one. Lots of viewers have let her know how much they treasure the creation.

Photo: TikTok/@lbennyy

“This is your sign to buy a play kitchen and upcycle it into a bar cart for your college apartment,” the caption on the post reads.

Lauren took all of the stickers off of it and from there, she set about the task of spray painting it a different color. It is now a delightful shade of hot pink. Of course, she takes a wide range of bottles of alcohol and places them on the bar cart.

Photo: TikTok/@lbennyy

She is also applying all sorts of cool decor ideas. We are in love with the Barbie doll sized cowgirl hats that she has on display. The soundtrack choice is also brilliant, as viewers are treated to the strains of the Dolly Parton classic 9″ to 5.” As soon as she is done, the camera pans out and we get to see all of the improvements that she has made.

To say that we are wowed would be an absolute understatement.


This is your sign to buy a play kitchen and upcycle it into a bar cart for your college apartment😁✨ #college #fyp #upcycle #diy #goodwill

♬ Originalton – just-me

“Not me about to do this for my ADULT APARTMENT,” said one viewer. We would love to see that and hope that lots of people decide to stitch their results alongside of Lauren’s. “This is one of those videos that I like before even watching bc I know it’s gonna be amazing,” said another viewer.

While there have been some naysayers, just about everyone who took the time to watch this video has been very impressed. We are definitely in the latter group.