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October means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, the month of October marks the true beginning of fall. For others, it’s all about the Halloween costumes. We love the look of the season in general, so it is a great month for us. The fact that Halloween comes at the end of the month is merely icing on the cake.

What’s Halloween without the classic pumpkins, though? They’re so cute and festive, but they tend to rot, especially after being carved into Jack-o-Lanterns. Thankfully, this simple tutorial allows you to get the pumpkin cheer, without dealing with rotting pumpkins.

If you have been to Wal-Mart over the past few weeks, you have probably seen the $1 pumpkin pails that are made of plastic. Most of us think of those as being trick or treating buckets for the little ones, but it turns out there are other uses for them.

Photo: YouTube / Hometalk

In fact, those pails make for great porch decor!

To get started, you’ll grab a big pot and fill it up with some potting soil. Alicia also inserts a 4′ piece of rebar when she’s ready to make the transformation. If you would like to see how this decorating project comes together for yourself, please be sure to check out the tutorial in full below.

Anyone who is looking to avoid the soggy, rotted pumpkins that make Halloween cleanup so ugly are in luck. Plastic pumpkins as planters? It’s the sort of inspired twist on the usual trappings of Halloween that makes us wonder why we did not come up with it sooner. The flourishes that Alicia adds are well worth your time as well.

This method is simple, frugal, and gorgeous. What more could you ask for?

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