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There are many perks to having the new video doorbells. Besides the obvious one of being able to see who is at your door without having to get up and go check, having a video doorbell means that you might be able to record some crazy scenes unfolding outside your home.

As we’ve seen before, people will often inadvertently catch strange, humorous, shocking, or even frightening things on their doorbell cameras. But this one in Florida definitely takes the catch for shocking and frightening footage recorded on a doorbell camera.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Anabel Fernandez’s Ring video doorbell was on hand to document the exact moment that a small plane crashed into both a powerline and an SUV! The shocking incident occurred at about 3 pm in the afternoon last Monday. The airplane was a Beechcraft Bonanza, which had flown out from a local airport before it crashed during its return flight to the airport. It is still not known exactly what caused the plane to crash, however, it is speculated that perhaps mechanical failure led to the disaster.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Unfortunately, both passengers in the plane were killed upon impact. The two passengers in the SUV were a mother and her small son. Both were injured and rushed to the hospital. Sadly, the young child did not survive.

Speaking about the horrific incident, Fernandez told the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “It was like a bomb going off. I’m always afraid being here, my family and I see the planes flying very low while we’re walking the neighborhood or sometimes when we’re out back in the pool.”

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

While her video doorbell might have captured the scene, it wasn’t Fernandez that informed the authorities about the crash. It was actually Salah Elshaer, a seventeen-year-old driver who just happened to be passing nearby when he saw the disaster.

As he recalled to the outlet, the whole scene was pure fire. He added that he felt extremely bad for those involved, as well as their families, however, he did reveal some surprising information. Apparently, this tragic accident wasn’t the first of its kind to befall the neighborhood. Apparently, there have been at least five other similar plane crashes in the local area in just the last year!

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

There are several flight schools that happen to operate out of the local airport. While there is a possibility that the pilot was a student, this has yet to be confirmed.

Watch the Ring doorbell video feed down below:

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