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I can still remember the first time I had a slice of authentic New York pizza. We were visiting Times Square, and we stopped in to grab a slice. I got pepperoni, my wife was more creative.

It was then that I realized that not every “New York pizza” was going to actually taste like a New York pizza. There were definitely differences, and I was immediately hooked.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

I take every opportunity possible to try different pizzas from different areas and when I am visiting out of town, pizza is always on the menu. As it turns out, however, there are others who take this to the next level, and that is what the video below shows.

The video starts out in New York City with one of the foldable versions of pizza that is unmistakably delicious. Chicago is another stop, as well as Buffalo, New York, and a tour through New England.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

You might be surprised to learn how many different types of pizza there are throughout the Northeast.

There are even some options from far away, including a gourmet pizza from California that you have to add to your bucket list.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

We may not be able to try pizza from every part of the world, but it’s a worthy goal to have.

Until then, you can enjoy this video and all that it has to offer:

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