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Everyone loves pizza, and the craft of making pizza is certainly art. Every now and again, people come up with new ways to create pizza and some of them are more creative than others.

One YouTuber and inventor, Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines, came up with a brilliant and creative way to make pizza and he does it with a toy train.

Photo: YouTube/Joseph’s Machines

Herscher shared a video of his contraption and it’s quite impressive.

Trust us on this one, his automatic pizza-making machine is unlike anything that you have ever seen before in your life.

Joseph uses a toy train to power the pizza maker and it runs along a circular train. The machine is able to spread the sauce, grate the cheese, and even slices pepperoni.

Photo: YouTube/Joseph’s Machines
Photo: YouTube/Joseph’s Machines

After it’s all ready, it even feeds him!

“This machine uses a toy train to make a pizza automatically. No need to lift a finger!” his caption reads.

Photo: YouTube/Joseph’s Machines

Check out the incredible contraption in the video below:

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