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Before I moved out on my own, I never really realized just how never-ending the laundry game really is. It was tough enough washing clothes for one all the time, but now that I’m married, I sometimes feel like Sisyphus with a laundry basket.

How is it that two people can create such a big fluff and fold nightmare?

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

But it’s not just the folding and putting away of the clothes that makes laundry such a time-consuming chore. It’s all the steps ahead of the clothes going into the washer and dryer that make it unbearable. Not only do you have to sort out your laundry into lights and darks, but you then also have to remove stains.

Before I load the washer, I take a look at each item to make sure that there are no stains that need treating beforehand. You know those stains, marinara sauce flecks on white shirts, grease splatters from cooking without an apron, dirt streaks – there’s so much that can go wrong with your clothes. That’s not to mention the tougher stains like motor oil or blood that can become impossible to remove.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Many of us have a preferred stain remover product. Or, more accurately, we probably have several preferred stain remover products because, let’s be honest, sometimes one isn’t enough, especially on the tougher stains.

However, thanks to a TikTok hack, our days of worrying about stains might be over. At least, stains on white or light clothes, which are usually the harder ones to remove anyways.

Enter PineSol. We’ve all heard of PineSol as an effective learner for other reasons, but most of us probably haven’t heard of it being used as a laundry agent. However, you might be surprised to find that PineSol makes for a good laundry stain remover – it even says so on the label!

Photo: YouTube/Do It On A Dime

If you’re surprised to learn this information, you’re not the only one. Many have been pleasantly surprised to learn that PineSol can be used to remove stains from your laundry. But the label does caution that it only be used on light or white clothing.

Like I said, those are usually the clothing items that need the most help with removing stains so we’ll consider it a win.

If you’re questioning PineSol’s effectiveness on clothing, check out the video below:

Did you know about this laundry hack before? Would you ever try it? Let us know!

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