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Sometimes, a teacher will go out of their way to do something special for their students. For example, they may come up with a unique challenge or fun project to make the class more interesting. Some teachers will offer extra credit for students who watch certain movies or for creating a fun art piece.

Professor Marie–Amélie George may just take the cake for the best unique class assignment, though. In a now-viral Twitter thread, she asked students to send her photos of their pets doing classwork and the results are incredible.

Prof., George, a legal scholar and historian, tweeted, “I ask my students to send me photos of their dogs doing class work. It’s an under-appreciated photography genre.”

Her tweet was accompanied by an amazing thread full of animals “studying” for class. While most of the participants were dogs, there were a few cats and even a lizard mixed in!

Check out the photos below:

It’s unclear if she offered any incentives to her students for providing the photos, but we’re glad they did!

You can check out the whole thread here!

Has your pet ever helped you study before? Let us know! (Bonus points if you have pictures).