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Vacationing with little ones can be a bit of a mixed bag at times, as anyone who has children or grandchildren can tell you. On the other hand, a grandparent’s love does not know any bounds.

There is nothing that a loving grandparent will not do for their grandchild. Their love and warmth are only matched by their creativity. Take the grandfather in this video, for instance.

Photo: TikTok/@lifeoftanyamarie

David Zielke hails from California and he is the ultimate example of a loving grandparent. Lisette is his granddaughter. He wanted to do whatever it took to put a smile on her face and this video is proof of that. The project that he took on recently has been making its way around TikTok. Your heart is sure to be warmed as soon as you see this one for yourself.

David was heading to Cabo San Lucas for a 10-day vacation with other family members so that they could attend a wedding. Lisette was not able to go on the trip and devised a way to tag along anyway. She placed four of her Peppa Pig toys in his suitcase and Grandpa did not discover them until he was sorting out all of his stuff once he arrived.

Photo: TikTok/@lifeoftanyamarie

As shared on TikTok, the grandpa decided to document the toys’ trip and present it to Lisette once they arrived back home.

Peppa and the toys got the chance to attend the wedding reception, eat all sorts of amazing Mexican food and go out for swims.

Photo: TikTok/@lifeoftanyamarie

Grandpa was even giving them directions, telling them to stay in the shallow part of the pool. The family even took the proper steps to keep the toys safe. They took them from place to place in a black tote bag, ensuring their continued safety.

Tanya then decided to share the adventures on TikTok and you are about to see the end result. You are sure to love every second of the footage that Grandpa captured:


Best grandpa award goes to you dad🥹🫶🏾 #storytime #familyvacation #peppapig #familytrip #grandparents

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You can see even more in the YouTube video below: