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We’ve all experienced the following scenario before: You are hanging out with some friends and you’re having some ice-cold brews. This scenario probably doesn’t unfold as often as we would like nowadays, but bear with us here. Maybe you’re having some delicious BBQ chicken at the time or perhaps you’re more of a fried chicken fan. Either way, it can be annoying when you can’t get those cold beers open to pair with your meal.

It can be so frustrating, we firmly believe all of the beer bottles in the world should be twist offs, thank you very much. It would make our lives a heck of a lot easier. So, what do you when no one has a bottle opener? Sure, some friends might be good at using a lighter to open their beer, but this is not a tactic that is guaranteed to work every single time.

Photo: YouTube / Handimania

Don’t make the mistake of using counter corners or coffee table corners, either. You’re going to hurt your hand and mess up your furniture in the process. Please do not try to break the bottle and we urge you not to use your teeth either. These tactics may look cool to some people but they are dangerous and we want to save you the hassles of broken teeth (or glass!).

Of course, there are some who are going to say that this is an impossible task. Luckily, the good folks at Handimania are here with yet another video that will provide you with a majorly helpful hack. Grab a piece of paper and strap yourself in. You are not ready for the knowledge bomb that is about to be dropped, we promise you.

We forgive you for thinking that there might be more to this clip than you realize. It can’t be as easy as grabbing one piece of paper, can it? We are not about to spoil the surprise, but all it is going to take are a few strategic folds and you will be good to go. The video will tell you absolutely everything that you need to know.