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Warm weather is upon us, and with it comes many benefits (like wonderful pool days!). But summer also brings some not-so-pretty aspects, like wasps. Wasps are one of the major negatives and they can make any summer unpleasant when they’re not contained.

One Facebook user, Lex Shuler, shared her hack to keeping wasps away from her yard over the summertime and it’s been shared over 400,000 times. The hack also works to deter carpenter bees.

To my many friends who suggested this to rid us of Carpenter Bees, THANKS!! Filling the brown paper bag with plastic…

Posted by Bob Thomas on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

To get started, she stuffed a paper bag with various grocery bags. For best results, grab a brown paper bag and some plastic grocery bags. Once the bag was full and puffy, she placed it as high as possible on her porch. As soon as the bag was hung up, Lex noticed that she had no more wasps to deal with. She said, “All the wasps left and I haven’t seen one since I put the bags up.”

I have had trouble with wasps on both my front and back porches. I have used spray on them in the past but that stuff…

Posted by Lex Shuler on Thursday, April 30, 2015

The wasps tend to leave houses alone in these situations because they are under the false belief that the brown paper bags are hornets’ nests. As it turns out, the wasps and hornets are natural enemies. Once the wasps see the “hornets’ nest” at your house, they’ll be inclined to stay away.

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