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Oprah’s gardening game is top-notch and we are totally here for all of her ideas. Her garden harvests are as mind-boggling as it gets. And while we wish that we would have the chance to replicate her gardening plans in our own yard, we will settle for living vicariously through her. Last Thursday, she shared an awesome post on Instagram that we cannot stop passing around to our friends.

Plus, you do not even need to be a true green thumb to appreciate what Oprah has done here. The cabbage that she showed off in the following clip has to be seen to be believed. It is the size of her entire torso and then some. And once you start factoring in the size of the leaves, this cabbage is actually bigger than her entire body. We can hardly believe our eyes but the clip is real and spectacular.

Oprah wants everyone to know that the lockdown does not have to put a stop to anyone’s gardening plans. She gets the same joy from gardening that she always has and shares it with the rest of the world. We are trying our best not to become green with envy but it is a tough task to say the least. Of course, there are some who are going to cast doubt on this clip and ask whether she used any chemicals.

She actually addresses these questions in the clip and is sure to let the audience know that she does not believe in such practices.

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The Lockdown has not stopped green things from growing. I get a lot of joy from gardening. Anyone else enjoy? #HarvestDay

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Even other celebrities who commented on the clip were stunned. We are still laughing at Kate Hudson’s “Stop it!” remark. Andy Cohen also weighed in on the cabbage.

How does she even find the time to garden like this? We struggle to find a moment to spare these days. Hopefully, Oprah is willing to share her secrets with the rest of us, peasants, one day.

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