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This TikTok has gone viral for showing off their NYC apartment and for good reason. The 300-foot studio apartment was in need of a makeover and she was the perfect person for the job.

@tpayne0, who also goes by Tiffany, was more than happy to show the place off and we cannot stop gawking at all of the work that she has been able to put in.

Photo: Pixabay/Jo Wiggio

The revamp was posted at the end of January and has already received over 2 million viewers. As it turns out, we are all suckers for a good old-fashioned apartment revamping.

The clip begins with the empty unit and you would be forgiven for wondering how she could pack everything that she wants into such a small space.

Photo: TikTok/tpayne0

People are always going to love clips where apartment dwellers show off the changes that they have made. We all love a great rags to riches story. When Tiffany first got the place, it was just a small, square room that happened to have a kitchen attached to it. The amount of work that she put in here is absolutely commendable.

It did not take long before she was able to turn the space into something far more impressive than we ever could have expected. Can you believe that she managed to fit an entire living room setup and a decent-sized bed in here? There’s even a desk area and lots of clever shelving solutions as well. “Transforming a shoebox into a home,” the caption to the video reads.

Photo: TikTok/tpayne0
Photo: YouTube/tpayne0

The commentators all noticed the same things that we did. The attention to detail here is off the charts and she is really maximizing every last inch of this space.

There were some who thought that this home was even more impressive to l

ook at than their own larger dwellings, which makes a lot of sense. We were very taken aback by the final result that she was able to achieve, too. Check out the transformation below:


transforming a shoebox into a home #nyc #nycstudio

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