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Ironing is one of our least favorite activities. Thankfully, there are near-magical sprays that remove wrinkles and we love them so much. Why would anyone still iron when these amazing potions exist?

There are homemade versions that can be crafted in a jiffy, too. If you are on the road and you do not have access to an iron, the hack that you are about to learn more about is sure to impress. Jillee of One Good Thing has been having these battles for a long time now. Like most of us, she has gotten tired of this never-ending struggle. That’s why she is doing something about it.

The best part about this spray is that it is portable. All you need is an empty spray bottle with a mist setting and that is half the battle. A tablespoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of hair conditioner, and two cups of warm water are all you need after all. It’s really that easy. If you are experiencing particularly stubborn wrinkles, Jillee has you covered. She’ll walk you through each and every step.

Photo: YouTube / One Good Thing by Jillee

The shoulder and buttonhole wrinkles are the most annoying ones of all. An extra spritz or two and they are taken care of entirely. Once you have taken the time to make a few batches of the spray, you can divvy it up between a few smaller bottles with ease. It’s nice to have a guaranteed wrinkle zapper on hand!

Instead of splurging on the expensive name-brand products, you can save yourself a pretty penny. Those companies know that you are usually in a major bind by the time you are seeking their assistance. That’s why their help comes at a premium. The next time your college-aged children start calling you and hounding you for ironing tips, you can send them a bottle at no charge.

That’s what parenting is all about. You can always use an extra moment here and there, even if it’s just to take time out for yourself. It’s not like anyone actually likes to sit around ironing clothes. We’re going to be keeping a bottle or three around going forward, you can bet your bottom dollar on that one!

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