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If your favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas then you will be excited to see that a woodworker has created a stunning visual of Tim Burton’s iconic film.

The amazing creation was made by Free Range Designs, which is a small, Welsh-based furniture company. They were commissioned by one of their returning customers to come up with a bed that took inspiration from the classic film.

Photo: Free Range Designs

Just based on the pictures, I think it’s safe to say that they nailed it!

As Free Range Designs explained, Sharron, their customer, had previously purchased a bed from their shop but it had a different design on it. The bed was so well-done, that Sharron’s mom ended up falling in love with the bed and taking it for herself. That left Sharron in need of a new bed. But rather than use the previous design, she decided to make something completely unique to her.

Photo: Free Range Designs

On their website, the furniture company wrote, “Sharron loves Tim Burton films, in particular, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ and asked us to make her a bed on the theme of Tim Burton’s famous movie. That’s as far as the brief went; Sharron left the rest of the design up to us, and the bed you see here is what we came up with.”

The furniture designers went all out in their efforts to capture the essence of the movie, and they did a fantastic job of blending the whimsical spirit of the movie with its creepy undertones. The bed’s headboard is perhaps the perfect example of that, as it recreates the iconic scene of “Jack’s Lament,” which he sings on top of Spiral Hill.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons ; Free Range Designs

Following their design of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” bed for Sharron, the company felt inspired. Free Range Designs then chose to grow their inventory by offering a collection of designs that take inspiration from various fairy tales as well as nature. There are even some designs that were inspired by the world of Harry Potter!

Photo: Free Range Designs

This particular “The Nightmare Before Christmas” bed was created from oak, ash, and beechwood. The bed can be made available in sizes ranging from twin to super king. It’s handmade, so it can be a little pricey, starting out at $2,676.23. While the price tag might be a little steep, it is definitely worth it given that is customized and handmade.

Photo: Free Range Designs

Sadly, if you are in the United States, you won’t be able to have one of their beds shipped over to you. Instead, you’d have to get creative in how you pick it up. On Free Range Designs’ website, they wrote, “We would love to be able to ship this item to the U.S. But having looked into shipping, it will cost over $800 to do this. If you can find a way to get it collected from our workshop in Wales then please do get in touch.”

What do you think of the bed? Would you want one of your own? Let us know!

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