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If you think about it, Target and the board game Monopoly have a fair bit in common. Their fundamental principle is to go around in a giant circle buying up everything that you see.

They both provide hours of family fun, so it almost seems like a natural progression that these two would eventually become their own board game version of monopoly.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

That is correct, now you can wander around Target without actually having to leave your home. You can do it all from the convenience of wherever you play board games in your house!

It seems like a lot of fun, too. The game is similar enough to the classic Monopoly game, but with slight differences. For example, rather than buying property, you’ll be shopping for Target items, and passing “Go” will then allow you to purchase these items from your Target basket, thus being able to collect tokens.

Photo: Target

Instead of the regular Monopoly figurines, players can choose from Target’s mascot Bullseye Dog, a shopping bag, a coffee cup, or a shopping cart. These all sound cute, right? But that isn’t the end of the comparisons. Just like at the real-life target, in the game you can double or triple your savings using the Target Circle tokens!

Photo: Target

Naturally, the winner is the player with the most savings at checkout. We can definitely see this becoming quite competitive at the next family games night.

If you love both Target and Monopoly then this game is definitely for you. You can pre-order the game for only $24.99. However, it will be hitting stores for purchase come August 1.

Photo: Target

If you are a Target RedCard holder then you can get 5% off the board game, as well as be able to collect it through same-day services such as drive-up, order pickup, or same-day delivery with Shipt.

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