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If you find yourself jumping from one video to another on TikTok, you probably see almost everything imaginable. Many people consider TikTok to be a waste of time but every once in a while, you get a tip that is truly life-changing.

That is what this sommelier offered us in a unique video. A sommelier is a waiter who manages wine service at a restaurant or hotel, so she knows her way around a wine bottle.

Photo: TikTok/@confidenceuncorked

Her name is Warner Boin, and she advises us never to put a cork back of an open wine bottle when you don’t finish the wine.

She then demonstrates it, saying if you put the cork in the bottle, you are leaving a lot of oxygen on top of the wine. The cork itself is also porous, so oxygen may flow through.

Photo: TikTok/@confidenceuncorked

If you have too much oxygen in an open bottle of wine, then the flavors of the wine are going to be destroyed.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect the wine from an opened wine bottle. It may not be the most sophisticated method, but it works.

Photo: TikTok/@confidenceuncorked

Warner explains that you want to reduce the oxygen-to-wine ratio. One way to do this is to pour the leftover wine into a mason jar.

That jar, or any airtight container can be used to seal the wine once the lid is in place. It will protect the wine from oxygen.


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After being posted, more than 2.5 million people came to watch the video. Many of them were singing her praises, while others were joking that they never had any left over wine.