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There is no denying it, streaming subscriptions are the future. And leading the charge is Netflix, who boasts more than 200 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix streaming started out with an original plan to be less expensive than a cable subscription, however, it’s looking like they’re right on track to be the priciest streaming subscription on the market today.

Why? Because they’re going to be raising their prices. Again.

Photo: Max Pixel

Over the next few months, the streaming service in the U.S. and Canada will be raising its monthly subscription prices by $1 or $2 – all dependent on the subscriber’s current payment tier.

Below are what the changes will look like:

Netflix Premium (4K content, four screens at once): $18 to $20 per month
Netflix Standard (HD content, two screens at once): $14 to $15.50 per month
Netflix Basic (no HD content, one screen at a time): $9 to $10 per month

Photo: Unsplash/Marques Kaspbrak

Now, compare that to some of the other competitors in the streaming world:

Apple TV+: $5 per month
Disney+: $8 per month
Paramount+: $10 per month
Hulu: $13 per month
HBO Max: $15 per month

It should be noted that both Hulu and HBO Max also offer ad-supported plans that are cheaper.

Photo: flickr/Tom Small

What do you think of Netflix’s plans to raise prices? Do you stream Netflix? How many streaming subscriptions do you have? Let us know!

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