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Have you ever fancied yourself a princess? Or do you just look a lot like a young Kate Middleton?

If the answer is yes to both of these questions then you might have a chance to launch your acting career.

Photo: flickr/Charles LeBlanc

According to Variety, Netflix is searching for someone to portray an 18-year-old Kate Middleton on their sixth season of “The Crown.”

The casting directors have specified that they’re “looking for a strong physical resemblance” to Middleton from the early 2000s when she was a student at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews – the place where she met and began dating Prince William. As for the rest of it, like acting experience, they’re pretty flexible.

Photo: flickr/Sebástian Freire

As the casting call announced, “No previous professional acting experience required.” The official casting call was posted to Twitter by casting associate Kate Bone, and it said, “We are very experienced in providing a great deal of support for the young actors and their families through what they find is a uniquely rewarding creative process.”

Netflix has plans to start filming the newest season in the “late August” timeframe of this year. It will be filmed in the UK. If you are thinking that this could be your chance, you should know that the deadline to apply for the role is Friday, May 20th.

The application itself is not too complicated, besides sending in the important personal details like your name, age, birth date, location, and where you learned about the casting call, you also need to provide a current selfie plus a 30-second or less video. It should be of you “talking about something you love doing.”

Besides a young Middleton, casting is also on the lookout for a both a young William and Harry – all with similarly instructions.

Production is pretty hushed about what exactly the season will be covering. However, back in 2020, a Town & Country feature had The Crown’s, Peter Morgan, give an interview that season 6 would be “focused on the administrations of John Major and Tony Blair.”

Photo: flickr/Scarlett Sappho

Given that Major was prime minister from 1990 to 1997, and Blair took over until 2007, it might be safe to assume that some of the early days of Middleton’s relationship with Prince William will be included. Perhaps it might even cover their brief break up that happened in 2007. But I suppose we will have to wait until the season airs to find out.

In the meantime, if you think you’d make a good Kate Middleton then you can click here to get more information about applying for the role.

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