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In a stunning turn of events, the good folks at Nestle have announced that they are recalling various Toll House cookie dough products.

As it turns out, those who have purchased the products in question could be at risk of plastic contamination. If you have purchased any of their ready-to-eat refrigerated Nestlé Toll House Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling products, you will want to read on and learn more.

Photo: Ginny

The food company says that a “small number of consumers” have contacted them about the issue. The Food and Drug Administration has posted the notice.

At this moment, no illness or death has been reported. If you have purchased any of these products during the months of June through September in the United States or Puerto Rico, you could be at risk.

Photo: FDA

In the FDA release, Nestle went on to say that no other Nestlé Toll House products are being included in the current recall. Those who have already made their purchases are being told that they can bring the products back to the point of purchase and receive a full refund. “We are working with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on this voluntary recall and will cooperate with them fully,” the company said.

They went on to say that “quality, safety and integrity of our products remain our number one priority.”

Photo: FDA

This is the type of story that needs to be blasted out far and wide. After all, who doesn’t love this cookie dough? Ever since the company decided to finally start providing us with cookie dough that is safe to stash in the fridge and eat, we have been loving life.

It is one of the best snacks that you can enjoy. Hopefully, no one is adversely affected by the recall and we continue to hear that there are no stories of illness or injury as a result of this potential plastic contamination.