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The world continues to change and trends come and go frequently. They used to be driven by industry, such as the fashion industry, but these days, we can all contribute to the change. After all, we have a large audience on social media, and TikTok is home to many new trends.

One of those trends that has recently popped up on the radar is from TikTok user, @natures_foods. If you are someone who loves breakfast food, then you probably wake up to some eggs and bacon, oatmeal, or perhaps just a bowl of Wheaties. Thanks to this new trend, you can enjoy a bowl of “Nature’s Cereal.”

Photo: TikTok/natures_food

According to the creator of the video, their energy level is given a significant boost after eating a bowl of this simple, yet delicious food. It includes blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranate seeds in a bowl. The whole thing is topped off with some coconut water.

Photo: TikTok/natures_food

These types of videos are how hashtags are born, and more than 250 million views have already happened on the #naturescereal hashtag. After all, we all want to feel better and we all love delicious food. Perhaps this is the right blend of both?


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How to make nature’s cereal:

Photo: Unsplash

The recipe for Nature’s Cereal is fairly simple. You start with some fruit in a bowl and pour coconut water over it. Mix and match the fruit as you like. Here are some possible fruits to include.

Photo: TikTok/lizzo







Coconut water

Ice Cubes (optional)


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