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We’ve been a pretty virtual society for some time. However, due to recent pandemic events, our online presence has been even stronger because it’s how we continue to not only operate businesses but also how we stay safe while remaining in contact with loved ones.

Because of the strange times we’re experiencing, we’re seeing different changes to the familiar. Restaurants and stores have all taken to more curbside and delivery services are more prevalent than ever before. Even wineries are getting a makeover in how they operate in order to try to keep up with the times. In fact, Napa Valley offered a large online sale on some of its rarest wines.

Photo: Pixabay/Arno_M

The “Open the Cellar” event was a one night opportunity, and it was organized by the nonprofit trade association Napa Valley Vintners. It was a first of its kind as an event like that had never been done before.

Reported by Food & Wine, the sale featured more than 250 wines from more than 150 different producers and vendors. The wine selections even featured specific bottles that were only exclusively sold at their wineries, as well as others that are hardly ever featured online. Because of the variety, the prices saw an extensive range amongst them as well – going from $25 to $600.

And since the pandemic has caused a lot of the wineries up in Napa Valley to close their doors for the time being, the sales were very helpful in raising money to benefit the small businesses. These are truly uncertain times in which we live, so it is important that we all do our part to support our small businesses wherever we can.