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When it comes to the wedding ceremony, all eyes are on the bride. From the hair to the dress, to the makeup, each component of the outfit is crucial. And when it comes to the bouquet, appearance is everything. While you might think a few roses, hydrangeas, or peonies would suffice, that’s not the case with recent brides who are using an unexpected plant.

Via: TikTok

Mushrooms. Yes, you read that right. Those fungus spore plants hiding in the woods or sliced into your dinner are becoming the trending centerpiece of the bride’s bouquet.

In this TikTok video, floral arranger eastolivia shares her commissions on TikTok. Even for this well-season Manhattan-based florist, this request is a commission that is only recently trendy and very different.

Via: TikTok

To make the bouquet, she went to a farmers market where there were a variety of unique and specialty fresh and dry mushrooms. After cleaning off some of the dirt, she cold glued all of the mushrooms to sticks and then played around with the arrangement. Once she got the right bouquet shape, she added some other flowers to fill out and balance the bouquet.

Many viewers commented and applauded the design. One commented how this bouquet fits in with any outdoor or woodland magical-themed wedding.

Via: TikTok

People asked how long the mushrooms lasted, and Olivia said that if they were in the floral refrigerator, they stayed fresh just like flowers, albeit, some varieties were heartier than others.

Do you think mushrooms are something you’d want in a bridal bouquet?

To get a closer look at all of the steps, watch the video below!


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