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As a hair colorist at Cosmos Hair Lab in Moscow, Ksenia Kisavna works tirelessly to bring her clients’ dreams to fruition. She has a signature hairstyle she offers clients that has attracted a lot of attention and for good reason. You may have already seen this hairstyle in the past, as it has gone viral before. It is called “glitch hair” or a “moon prism” hair.

If it sounds fancy, that’s because it is! We could hardly believe our eyes the first time that we saw this one. It’s a layered, iridescent look that gives the hair a rainbow appearance. She shares plenty of photos of the look on her Instagram page.

Photo: Instagram/kseniakisavna
Photo: Instagram/kseniakisavna
Photo: Instagram/
Photo: Instagram/kseniakisavna

It looks really cool and Ksenia is sharing an awesome video about the hair. This gives us a sneak peek at her tactics. There are not many hairstylists who are willing to let us behind the curtain like this.

When the video begins, her client has blonde hair and is ready for a change.

In order to get started, she dyes the underside of her client’s hair red, yellow, blue, and orange. She then dyes the rest of the hair with a soft periwinkle color. This is how the shimmering look is crafted and we are totally spellbound. Watch the video below:

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“By wearing an unnatural hair color, we become digital and attractive in a high-definition way. We connect with colors in life like never before. Sunsets, flowers, trees remind us of our hair color,” celebrity colorist Daniel Moon said during a recent interview with Teen Vogue.

Watch the compilation of moon prism inspired hairstyles below:

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