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Graduation season is upon us and we are no stranger to all of the touching moments that have been posted all over social media.

Even if you have never had to wave goodbye to your own children, these videos and pictures will really grab at the heartstrings. It is hard to maintain composure when this chapter of your life comes to an end.

Photo: Pexels/Kampus Production

One day, you are bringing them home from the hospital and changing their diapers. Before you know it, they are off to school and from there, the years fly by. It is not long before they are in high school and we all know what step comes after that.

That’s what makes this story such a special one. Mom found the perfect way to send her daughter off to college.

Photo: TikTok/@erinpercy60

This Alabama mother wants to make sure that she treasures the moment. We are right there with her on this one. Saying goodbye to your kids is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to do.

Erin Percy is the mother in the video and she shared the gifts with her followers on TikTok. She showed a basket full of gifts that she was giving to her daughter, Abby Rose.

Photo: TikTok/@erinpercy60

The contents of all the packages are not being revealed in the video. Erin was willing to share some of her ideas with Today and our hearts are so full. She had to send her to college with plenty of games, clothes, and gift certificates but that was not all. There is one gift in particular that had us ready to break down and cry right there on the spot.

There is one gift that says, “open me when you say goodbye.” You should already know that this one is going to be the real tearjerker. When she opens this envelope, she is going to find a sun necklace. It has a great deal of significance to both Erin and Abby.


Graduation Gift for my daughter

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“When she was little I used to sing her the song ‘You are my Sunshine.’ So I got her a sun necklace — and we each get one half. I’m already wearing mine,” Erin shared with Today.