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If there is one subject that most people appreciate, it has to do with food. Our conversations revolve around the subject, and most of us appreciate the good taste of something delicious.

We might even enjoy going out with friends or family to have a meal, but research has shown that most people don’t want to share a meal, at least regarding the bill.

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Apparently, one out of three Americans thinks that it is best if the bill is not split evenly when the meals are not all the same amount. To get this information, 2000 adults in the United States were surveyed.

According to the New York Post, surveyors didn’t just look into whether they wanted to split the bill or not, they looked into other factors as well. This extended beyond food, with 26% of participants feeling that it was acceptable to share personal information with family members, including text messages and passwords.

Some other interesting numbers that came out of the survey were eye-opening. 50% of those surveyed shared clothing, and 57% shared money. Food, however, is another story.

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Two out of three people who responded to the survey said that sitting down and enjoying a meal with their partner is a good idea. At the same time, those people won’t share their meals. Millennials tend to be the largest group speaking out against sharing food, with 74% responding.

The survey was done on behalf of Fogo de Chao by OnePoll. They found out that those people in the newer generations would not let people pick off their plates. Some said that they would have to know another person for at least six months before they would share food.

48% of those surveyed said that someone did try to take something from their plate when eating out. They also said that they were guilty of a similar crime.

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This isn’t just a matter of not picking food off their plate. Even if you suggested it was ok, 65% said they wouldn’t welcome you back to another restaurant again.

Are you out on a first date? Millennials and Gen Zers had something to say. 46% who were out on the first date and had someone ask to try their food would not be interested in pursuing the relationship.

About 70% said they would say yes to sharing food, although they admitted they didn’t know how to turn them down.

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According to Study Finds, the CEO of Fogo de Chão, Brian McGowan, said that it is only natural to share a bite when you are enjoying a good meal. He said the people should come together and form a bond while trying new and delicious foods. It’s more than sharing food. It is sharing the experience.

Although there were many people who expressed concern about sharing food, there were still plenty who didn’t mind doing it. This isn’t something that typically remains hidden very long, so choose your friends wisely and enjoy some good food.