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For many of us, grabbing water with our fast food meals is how we justify the purchase to ourselves. We will tell ourselves that things are actually not so bad because we are having a healthy beverage with the meal.

However, those who get water at McDonald’s on a regular basis are going to want to watch this one as soon as possible. It’s a matter of urgency.

Photo: TikTok/@closeintel

The world of TikTok is not “lovin’ this” and we can see where they are coming from. Once they had the chance to see McDonald’s water under a microscope, they soon realized that they were actually consuming “debris” and “microfibers.”

@closeintel is the user and they posted the footage earlier this month. This is not the first time that they have examined a drink to see what it really looks like. It’s quite the pursuit, isn’t it?

Photo: TikTok/@closeintel

The McDonald’s water was examined after a number of requests were made by @closeintel’s followers. The microfibers are apparently something that we should all expect, as they are derived from the straw, lid, and plastic cups. As for the debris? There is one working theory that might make some McDonald’s lovers feel a bit better.

The debris may have come from the ice. “Your water may be totally different than mine. But I’ve heard it best to just order without ice,” the original poster responded when they were asked about the water’s safety level. Meanwhile, McDonald’s employees went the extra mile and decided to explain things to people in a manner that they could understand.

Photo: TikTok/@closeintel

Some of this may just be chalked up to employee negligence, though. “I used to work in McDonald’s and they never cleaned the ice cubes area,” said one user. “You’re lucky you didn’t get the water from my old McDonald’s bc they NEVER cleaned their ice machine,” another added.

Thanks to this video, we are now firmly on the fence when it comes to ordering water with our meals.


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TikTok is good for stuff like that. They will have you questioning everything on there, regardless of how long you have been doing it for. This is not the first time that TikTok has called out a fast food chain and if we had to take a guess? It probably won’t be the last.

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