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McDonald’s birthday parties were a fun aspect of youth, weren’t they? We have very vivid memories of playing in the special birthday room and having Happy Meals with our pals.

From there, you would head to the freezer and have the chance to choose your very own ice cream cake. Apparently, these types of parties have become a thing of the past, judging from the reactions that we have seen to this video.

Photo: TikTok/@tattoomaggie

This couple hails from Melbourne and they decided to have their daughter’s first birthday with the burger giant. “We had a McDonald’s party…” the video is captioned and we get to see burgers, fries, and cake piled high.

Of course, there are some beers present for the adults in the room. There was an infant play area and the couple also had an inflatable slide, ball pit, and slushie machine on hand.

Photo: TikTok/@tattoomaggie

“All the kids were excited that we had McDonald’s and was a great novelty,” said Maggie, according to Kidspot. This mother thought that she had put together a great party but of course, social media disagreed with that assessment. The couple was even able to find a vintage McDonald’s playground for their daughter on Etsy but it was not put together in time for the party.

“We thought we’d go with the McDonald’s themed party because we had just brought the old Mcdonald’s playground for Murphy’s first birthday present and remembered how much fun we used to have at McDonald’s parties when we were kids,” she explained to Kidspot. “We couldn’t believe our luck in finding the playground so cheap.”

Photo: TikTok/@tattoomaggie

Meanwhile, social media was calling Maggie a bad parent, and others questioned why she went above and beyond for a first birthday.

“By all means do what you want, but I think a huge party like this is more appropriate for [five-year-olds] since a one-year-old can’t fully enjoy it as much,” said one viewer. “You prob [sic] wasted so much food you could [have given] it to poor people or homeless people,” another chimed in.


It was fun 🍟🍔 #parentsoftiktok #party #mcdonalds

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“[A bad parent] because we got Mcdonald’s for a party? Go to any play center party for kids and they serve nuggets and chips. It’s a party!” Maggie shot back. While she tries not to respond to the negative remarks online, we can see why she felt compelled to do so here.

To find out more about the playground that they bought and the awesome party, you can check out Maggie’s TikTok page.

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