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Wrapping gifts is one of the toughest aspects of the holidays. We struggle with it immensely and we find ourselves wishing that we had just grabbed gift bags every time.

If we had to guess, this man is probably dealing with the same regret right about now. He made a very unique choice and now he is being forced to pay for it.

Photo: Pexels/Olivia Gaines

It was an expensive mistake and our heart goes out to him because he meant well. An error like this one could only happen during the holiday season. The Christmas season can lead to some budget crunches, that is for sure. We just hope that this one was not too problematic for the woman in question. Luckily for us, there is a Twitter thread that has documented the whole mix-up.

The mistake? He used $75 wallpaper to wrap the presents, instead of the wrapping paper that he was supposed to use. It’s such an innocent error and we cannot help but laugh.

Judging from the replies that took place in the thread, we can tell that the internet had a good time, too. The brother whose wallpaper was used is the one who documented the gaffe.

“My brother used, as wrapping paper, the €70 [$74.39 USD] wallpaper that Mum had bought to redecorate rooms,” Dublin resident Daniel writes in his hilarious post, where he takes the time to describe the misadventure that left him a bit tapped out. “I cannot cope ahahah. First Christmas argument underway!” From the looks of it, the argument was a good-natured one.

How could anyone actually get mad at such a thing? The best part of the whole thing, from our perspective, is that he managed to use an entire roll on the gift wrapping. Poor Daniel had to be wondering why none of his pricey wallpaper was spared during this endeavor. It’s the holiday equivalent of watching someone light a cigar with a $50 bill.

Twitter was full of skeptics who wanted to know how this mistake could have even been made in the first place. “Wallpaper feels 100% different then wrapping paper, how do you confuse them?” said one.

Daniel replied and let them know that he was asking himself the same question. In the meantime, there is nothing left for the rest of us to do here except laugh.