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Saeed Awawdeh is just like the rest of us, in the sense that he gets bored and likes to find ways to amuse himself, especially the world went into lockdown.

To occupy his time, it seems that he’s taken up photoshop and his work is quite hilarious. He shared a photo on Instagram saying, “In the fridge for today no one talk to me.” In the photo, it truly appears that he’s both miniature and trapped in the fridge! Check it for yourself:

Photo: Instagram/saeedawawdeh
Photo: Instagram/saeedawawdeh

Saeed’s idea is definitely serving as inspiration. After all, who wouldn’t want to brighten their Instagram feeds with some clever photoshop?

Beyond placing himself in the fridge, Saeed also shared a follow-up photo of himself in the Krusty Krab! He said, “i promise im not like other guys im literally in the krusty krab.”

Photo: Instagram/

What do you think of his clever photoshop skills? Let us know!

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